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     Welcome to our new improved Palmetto Transgender Association website. We hope that you will find it useful to you on whatever path your life's journey takes you. Please access our data base pages for resources you might need and please share with us new ones that you've found helpful. We depend on member's recommendations to develop our listings so please, share with us, good or bad, on service providers you've found for the transgender community.
      Also, check our support groups that are throughout the region and find one near you. There is nothing like meeting other transpersons face to face, making new friends and finding that you are not alone in your quest to become your true self. Please visit your local group, become a member and help support them while they help support you.
      Our virtual, on-line groups, like our facebook groups and twitter are also listed to help you connect with other people. They are for the transgender community to connect and share on issues and events happening around the area and to present a positive image of itself. Please keep this in mind when you visit, comment or post.
      We hope that you will also become an active member of PTA and will volunteer when we have events such as our PTA booths at the Prides around the area or at the TDOR we host in November. We also have quarterly meetings that are open to all members and friends of PTA that we hope you will attend.
       We will also be partnering with other organizations on issues that are important to the transgender community. SC Equality will be focusing it's efforts in the coming year to the concerns of transpeople in South Carolina and we will be a part of that, making sure that our interests are fully represented.
       We hope that you will become involved with Palmetto Transgender Association and will become an active friend or member and visit our sites often.

Best Always,     Veronica Walters,  President,Palmetto Transgender Association
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