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New Blog

Amanda on Saturday, February 23, 2013 8:07 PM
I was asked to possibly post a blog on this page. I was just wondering how much interest there would be in me doing it. I am a MtF full time TS. I think I do pretty well and people seem to be noticing. I live with my partner Jessica who is just like me. We met each other in Baltimore and are now living here. I am originally from Pittsburgh. Oh the stories I could tell that led me from there to right here, right now. Quite a journey. It would be kind of fun to share those stories as well as present stories and thoughts. I am unemployed right now and it may be nice to do some good writing.

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     Welcome to our new improved Palmetto Transgender Association website. We hope that you will find it useful to you on whatever path your life's journey takes you. Please access our data base pages for resources you might need and please share with us new ones that you've found helpful. We depend on member's recommendations to develop our listings so please, share with us, good or bad, on service providers you've found for the transgender community.
      Also, check our support groups that are throughout the region and find one near you.
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