Palmetto Transgender Association - A non-profit network of transgender support groups in and around SouthCarolina.

TG in SC


Peninsula of Lies: A True Story of Mysterious Birth and Taboo Love by Edward Ball (Mar 1, 2005)

Story of Dawn Langley Simmons. Grew up in England as a male, moved to Charleston SC. In the mid 1960's, she had GRS at John's Hopkins, married a black man and proportedly had a child. This book investigates these events and the Charleston community in a fashion similar to "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil".

Wrapped In Blue: A Journey of Discovery
Wrapped In Blue is Donna Rose's deeply personal memoir of self-discovery. The emotional story of her courageous and difficult journey across the gender line challenges the reader to consider life, love and gender in a new and insightful way. In the process, it provides a unique, intriguing, and sometimes humorous perspective on the differences between men and women.
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