Palmetto Transgender Association - A non-profit network of transgender support groups in and around SouthCarolina.


Meets 2nd Tuesday of the month

  • Affirming the Value & Worth of the LGBT Community

  • Group norms of support at all meetings: • Confidentiality • Respect for others’ views and feelings • Sharing the time to talk • Acknowledging that some may just want to listen

  • Affirmation of York County is a newly formed support group for people who ponder questions of faith and life related to the GLBT community - GLBT people, their parents, family members and friends - and who seek understanding and acceptance within their faith communities. People of all faiths are welcome.

  •  Together we are people in faith communities who - seek support and understanding for ourselves and others in working through the issues confronted by gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people, their families, and their friends, - deplore the prejudice and discrimination that exists throughout our society, as well as within faith communities, - feel isolated by the cloak of silence that separates us from one another and - long for understanding and compassion within our faith families.

  •  We invite members of our faith communities to join us in - encouraging one another through small groups, - sharing our stories in a caring atmosphere, and - creating a confidential environment where we can hear and be heard. We also invite others in our faith communities to support us by - praying for us, our children and our communities, - telling others about us, and - working with us to provide compassionate care. Trusting in God’s Grace, we are people who look forward to the fulfillment of our vision of faith communities that will joyfully accept and embrace all God’s children.

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