Palmetto Transgender Association - A non-profit network of transgender support groups in and around SouthCarolina.

                                                                                           posted  6/21/2013

PTA is pleased to offer,


with Los Angeles' professional voice and presentation instructor,  Nina  Irani

She has kindly offered this free opportunity to PTA members  but, you must sign up soon.

Classes will be August 20, 22, & 24th at 4pm ET

Sign up info is below;

Free Voice Feminization Classes Online! 

Break Through the Barriers to the Voice You Love:
Feminine, Authentic & Beautiful

Coming This Summer!  Limited Space Available: Sign up NOW! 

What if the feminine voice you long for is easier & closer than you imagined? 
Would you give yourself a chance? 

Finding and expressing your True Feminine Voice more quickly and easily
than ever before all revolves around the proven 5-Step Formula 
to break through barriers of past limitation and reveal the beautiful new 
feminine voice inside you. 

Using this formula, transgender women worldwide have been loving
their new voices and enjoying greater confidence as they present themselves
as the women they really are. Using powerful voice technique and cutting-edge 
neuroscience research, quicker, easier and longer lasting results are now YOURS 
for the taking! 

But there IS a catch - as powerful as this formula is, it is not easy to achieve 
results without the proper guidance and training. Many transgender women
know the frustration of working on their voice with no results. (Don't let that be you!)

However, for the first time ever, that is about to change. You are going to learn
the most IMPORTANT keys to breaking through to the voice you really want,
in a fun, supportive and discreet atmosphere! 
Want to see how? 

Join one of the country's leading voice & presentation coaches
this summer for FREE Voice Feminization Classes online. 

You will learn the keys to raising your pitch so it STAYS up and sounds 
AUTHENTIC; how to avoid the 4 biggest mistake transgender women make
in working on their voices; and how to get the results you want in 55% the time! 

Space is limited and your spot will be reserved on a first come-first serve basis,
so don't miss out.  If you can't make the dates, sign up anyway to receive the
on-demand replay.   Sign up now, for free. 

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