Palmetto Transgender Association - A non-profit network of transgender support groups in and around SouthCarolina.

I AM, I AM a FRIEND of Palmetto Transgender Assoc

PTA will be making a fun, exciting promotional video in 2013 and will need your help to create it. At our Palmetto Transgender booth at all the PRIDE festivals  and other events around South Carolina in 2013, we will be taping all our friends, family, allies, and supporters across the state as they say; "I AM, I AM a Friend of Palmetto Transgender". We want to get clips of dozens, and dozens, and dozens of people from every color of the rainbow to voice their support of PTA and the transgender community in SC. We will then take these clips and create a professional video that we can use to promote the Palmetto Transgender Association and show the unity of the South Carolina LGBTI community at our future events and across all social media platforms as we all move forward. This video  would be completed and released in the fall of 2013.

     If this project sounds interesting to you, here are some ways to participate;

1)  Come by the Palmetto Transgender Association information tent at your local Pride, sign up as a Friend of PTA and then allow yourself to be videoed as you say; "I AM, I AM a Friend of Palmetto Transgender". Please go ahead and "Like" us at

2) If you would like to help us video this or assist with post-production and editing, please let us know through our 'Contact Us' page or email;
-We are exploring ways in which we can involve a LGB or Trans student film maker in the production of this if possible.

3) PTA will be exploring fundraising options through KickStarter or other sources for this project. Look for details soon.

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